Help using our web site

Welcome to our New Web site!

The purpose of this tutorial is to familiarize you with the capabilities of our new tennis site here at Elkjton Indoor Tennis and to walk you through the registration process and benefits to registration.

Click here for help on the registration process
Click here for help on court reservations 
Click here for the help on the member portal

Our site has Convenience Features for Players including:

ü My Profile
allows you to set up your playing and contact preferences, and your privacy settings.  You may elect to be as visible or invisible to other members as you choose. 

shows you everything going on at our club.  Select events may also provide the convenience of online enrollment so you can sign up 24/7.

ü Court Reservations
you may book a court online 24/7!  Complete email notification and audit trail ensures your reservation has been accepted for the court and time you select.
Click here for help on court reservations 

ü Lesson Search
looking for a lesson?  Run the lesson search to see which of our Pro’s has posted time currently available.

ü Member Portal
Under this section you will find:
Click here for the help on the member portal

o  Reservations and Reminders of any court reservations you have made or online calendar of event signups

o  Buddy lists so you can quickly stay in touch with your tennis partners or teammates

o  Find-a-Game allows you to search for someone new to play with at your level, or to find a substitute for your regular league play

ü Email History
Any email that we send as a club is automatically posted back to our web site.  Ever have that nagging feeling that we sent you and email but it might be on a different computer?  No Problem – just check our web site!

üContact us
The contact us function allows you to send an email to the right department or person at the club

Take a look in the upper left hand corner of your site to initiate the registration process.  You will be asked 3 types of information:

1.      Basic contact information.  You will also be asked to establish a username and password so you can use the advanced features of this site.

2.       Playing preferences and details.  You have an option to keep everything private, so please take a moment and fill out the playing preferences completely.

This is a one time process that will enhance your use of the web site and our ability to communicate programs of relevance to you.

Please note:  There are several required fields in order to use this site.  The key ones include:

Birthdate: so we can protect minors according to state laws.  Birthday is also used to determine tournament enrollment eligibility.

Gender: so we can inform you of specific programs for men and ladies.

NTRP rating: so we can help match you up with other players at the same level, or make sure we invite you to appropriate programs

Play availability; please select at least one generally available playing availability.

Email: we’ll never use your email address for any other purpose than to communicate with you.  Email addresses are never shared with any third parties.

3.       Privacy Settings
You may elect to participate in the Find-a-Game system, in which case you need to decide who you would like to be “found” by, and what information you would like to share